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The GentleMax Pro™ performs skin tightening on the face and lower jawline over a series of treatments every 4-6 weeks. This procedure does not require sedation and there is no downtime.

FACE — $100
NECK — $50
DECOLTE — $100

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What is GentleMax Pro?

GentleMax Pro express skin renewal with laser – skin renewal is visible after the first procedure! Aesthetic laser procedures using technology from Candela Medical, USA remain effective, safe, and minimally invasive to this day. We introduce an express skin renewal procedure with the Nd: Yag Laser GentleMax Pro. It’s a great procedure to address early signs of aging and does not involve a post-procedure period. With the help of this technology you will rejuvenate your skin in a fast, safe and effective way. After each procedure you will notice the skin coloration gradually returning to normal in all areas, increased stiffness and an even skin surface.

When should you renew your skin with GentleMax Pro?

— It is a great solution to remove the first signs of aging skin for those over 30 years of age.
— Great for small and medium wrinkles, including the ones around the eyes, cheeks, neck, décolletage and other areas
— In case of uneven face color
— Skin losing its firmness or in case of skin irregularities

How many facial updating procedures will be required?

The first signs of skin rejuvenation are usually noticeable after the first procedure. However, in order to achieve a stable rejuvenation result, a course of 3-5 procedures is required, with a 2-4 week interval between procedures. The course of procedures will ensure a lasting improvement in skin condition – uplift, skin relief and color alignment. The procedure smooths, rejuvenates and nourishes the skin of your face, neck and décolletage.

Is the GentleMax Pro face rejuvenation procedure painful?

The new generation of GentleMax Pro Laser has an integrated dynamic DCD cooling system that cools the epidermis before, during and after the impulse being applied. The skin does not heat up, and so a high level of comfort is maintained during the procedure. The procedure is non-invasive, the laser beam spreads to deeper layers of the dermis, and heats them, but without damaging the surface of the skin. It promotes active stimulation of new collagen production in deep layers of the dermis. The entire rejuvenation procedure takes between 20-30 minutes.

Why is this procedure called “fast facial rejuvenation”?

This is the optimal solution for businesslike and busy people who do not have time for complex aesthetic procedures. There is no post-procedure period – you can continue your work, meetings or long-planned vacations immediately. The skin of the face remains slightly reddish for just a few hours after the procedure, so even though there will be visible positive changes to your skin, nobody will notice that you have just visited the beauty clinic.

What is the difference between using an ablative laser rejuvenation and using a non-ablative laser?

In the case of ablative lasers, the laser radius affects not only deep layers of the skin, but also the surface of the skin. Using the non-ablative method, the GentleMax Pro laser penetrates deeply into the dermal tissues, but does not damage the surface of the skin. This is possible due to the use of different wavelengths, as well as the fact that there is less water in the epidermis (10-15%) than in the deep layers of the skin (70-75%).

How should you prepare for the GentleMax Pro skin rejuvenation procedure?

Do not lubricate your skin with any creams or other water-containing products on the day of the procedure.